Developing Your Strategy

Client Centered

You may want to know what to expect when talking to one of our advisors.  Our process begins with understanding your situation so we can provide the best advice.  First, we consider your family members and special circumstances. We then consider your goals and priorities such as retirement income needs, expected education expenses, major purchases and asset protection.  Once your goals and priorities are established, we then look at your current financial situation. We consider your net worth, assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and taxes.

We now have the raw materials to develop your investment strategy.  In constructing your investment strategy, we consider your return requirements, income needs, risk tolerance, taxes and other constraints. The final stage is to make observations and recommend next steps. The end result is your tailored investment strategy.

The list below summarizes the major factors considered when recommending a solution for you:

Family Members:

  • Age(s)
  • Special Circumstances

Goals & Priorities:

  • Retirement
  • Education
  • Major Purchases
  • Taxes
  • Protection
  • Legacy to Heirs
  • Caring for Parents
  • Charities
  • Investment Management

Current Finances:

  • Net Worth
  • Income 
  • Expenses & Taxes  
  • Savings & Contributions
  • Asset Allocation
  • Protection

Investment Strategy:

  • Return
  • Risk
  • Liquidity
  • Cash flows
  • Tax, Legal Constraints
  • Unique Preferences


  • Life
  • Long Term Care
  • Disability
  • Estate Planning

Observations and Next Steps:

  • Observations
  • Recommendations