How we're different

Client Centered

Wealthnet is different because our approach to design your investment portfolio is customized to your unique situation.  We take a comprehensive financial planning-led method to every client, which means we consider your income, tax bracket, family makeup, insurance, inheritance, and more.  We feel that’s the only way to design a portfolio that makes holistic sense.

Proper portfolio construction requires more than just a questionnaire.  There are many factors that go into designing a portfolio that is optimal for you, so we take the time up front to make sure we have the information necessary to select the investment we believe have the best opportunity of meeting your goals and objectives.   For example, understanding your income tax bracket, current and future income sources – such as Social Security, pension or rental income – as well as any real estate or business interest plays a critical role in designing the portfolio best suited to meet your unique needs.

We combine our personalized approach for portfolio construction with a team of experienced and credentialed advisors.  This ensures that we are able to take a holistic view of managing your wealth, providing strategic investment guidance in response to changes to your personal situation, income tax or estate concerns.