20 Oct
Wealth Beyond Numbers Workshop


Register for our free virtual workshop to master your money-mind connections with the founder of Wealthnet Investments and veteran wealth manager, Louis Llanes and professional licensed therapist Gitit Kaufman.

In the Wealth Beyond Numbers workshop, we will unlock the doors to holistic well-being and financial prosperity.  You will receive free access to specific Money-Mind thinking tools for your financial journey. This enlightening program will empower you to become the catalyst of change in your financial journey while expanding the horizons of your future.  

Key Highlights:  Here are some of the highlights.

  • Beyond Dollars: Your Complete Relationship to Money Explore the universal need for money and its impact on various aspects of life. Cultivate a better relationship with money, create a clear plan, and maximize financial resources for a peaceful and satisfying future.
  • Exploring the Money-Mind Connection: Raise Money-Mind awareness and upgrade your wealth patterns. Understand the impact of your beliefs, values, and culture on financial decision-making. Establish a sense of safety and security in managing finances.
  • Renew Your Relationship-Link to Prosperity: Recognize the impact of relationships on financial decisions. Learn effective strategies for open and honest money conversations with your spouse. Rebuild trust, improve communication, and achieve financial harmony.
  • Changing Theory to Tangible Results: Develop a positive Mind-Money connection, replace old habits with constructive actions. Improve strengths and have productive conversations help you set attainable financial goals aligned with your authentic desires.
  • Preparing for Retirement: Address concerns and anxieties related to retirement planning. Align financial and lifestyle goals for a meaningful retirement. Embrace changes and uncertainties with expert guidance.
  • Other Topics Include:
    • Managing Inheritance: Navigate complexities of receiving an inheritance and managing newfound wealth. Gain knowledge on handling large sums of money and avoid common pitfalls. Seek guidance to minimize mistakes, manage stress, and make informed choices.
    • Divorce and Starting Over: Find assistance and resources to navigate emotional and financial challenges of divorce. Rebuild life, understand strengths, and co-parent effectively. Prepare financially, mentally, and emotionally for a new chapter in life.
    • Selling a Business: Gain support and guidance during the challenging process of selling a business. Understand the impact of the decision on various aspects of life, including family dynamics. Access a broader perspective and expert advice to guide you through this transition.

Date and Time

Fri, Oct 20, 2023

6:00p - 7:00p MST


Wealth Beyond Numbers Workshop


The video will be emailed to you on the release date and special links with the Money-Mind thinking tools designed to help you gain the most from this workshop for your own personal journey. If you have additional questions, please contact us at info@wealthnetinvest.com


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