Why Financial Advisers Break the Trust of Investors

December 13, 2019

In this video, Louis Llanes talks about how many financial advisers break the trust of investors. He discusses the secret reasons standing in the way of getting good advice.

Louis discusses his personal story working as a Senior Portfolio Manager in the wealth management division of a major bank, working with some of the wealthiest clients of the firm.  He shares how incentives, conflicts, and lack of discipline can lead to poor results even from the biggest investment firms on Wall Street with the highest brand recognition.  Many large firms are stamping-out cookie-cutter portfolios without tailoring investments and financial planning to lower taxes, increasing returns and provide safety for investors.

Louis discusses how investors have many advisers to choose from but have a hard time finding who to trust.  He then outlines the key points to narrow down choices to decide who is best to work with. 

Some key selection criteria include:

  • Independent Structure & Process - how independent registered investment advisers with a process designed to select the investments and planning techniques that are best-of-breed can add more value,
  • Aligned Incentives - finding advisers that not skewed by proprietary products, who have their incentives aligned with your
  • Research and Data Driven - selecting advisers who are heavily invested in research to provide solutions based on facts, not empty narratives without supporting data suggesting your personal plan would benefit.
  • Proven Experience Navigating Good and Bad Markets – how it is vital to work with adviser who have expertise, credentials, and most important a record of navigating throughout good and bad times and providing results for clients to reach goals.
  • Technology Driven, Yet Recognizing You are NOT a Number – work with an adviser who has great technology resources, but process to tailor planning and investing to your unique circumstances and needs.

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