This Could Cause a LEAP in the Growth of Your Portfolio

July 05, 2020

This Could Cause a LEAP in the Growth of Your Portfolio | Learn what Louis Llanes, founder of Wealthnet believes is a great strategy in this environment. It is Independence weekend in the United States. This strategy that could cause a LEAP in your investment results and thus increase YOUR independence.  In this video, I discuss how investors can become a winner in this crazy environment. 


The key to faster growth lies in focusing on the cream-of-the-crop.  The key to maximizing the opportunity to grow capital faster means you can't settle for just average. You have to invest in the top growing companies that are available in the market.  You can't invest in the past, you have to invest in the future.  The best returns are expected from screening thousands of companies, methodically ranking them to find the potential winners.  It means investing in innovating products and services with management teams that are producing results.  This leads to faster sales and more profitability.  You must systematically isolate the leaders.  The kind of companies that have an offering wanted and is in high demand.  These companies don't push their products because customers WANT them.  These companies can charge higher prices and expand into new markets.  This can mean LEAPS in your growth.  As compared to owning an index fund that has tons of stodgy old companies from the past - not the future. 

To be a winner, I believe you have to be flexible.  You must have liquidity so you get the flexibility to be nimble to get in and get out without impacting the market too much.  Leading stocks often outperform their peers.  To profit from these stocks, it requires an opportunistic entry method.  We don't want our capital sitting idle, BUT we don't want to invest without opportunities that can be pinpointed based on the supply and demand of the stock itself.  The amount invested must be balanced between being concentrated to have a meaningful position while not sticking your neck out too far.  It required you to go against the common-thought about Modern Portfolio Theory and the Random Walk.  It requires you to pursue higher returns while protecting your capital.  This is done by bypassing the middlemen who sell packaged products sold by Wall Street and owning individual companies directly.  It's like owning your own mutual fund.  This allows you to know what you own and to customize your preferences and manage taxes.  This is what I believe investors should have an allocation in their portfolio. 

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