Laurens Bensdorp on Trading in Any Market Condition | EP 72

April 06, 2023

This week on "The Market Call Show," I am thrilled to have Laurens Bensdorp as our guest. Laurens is the founder and CEO of Trading Mastery School, and the author of "Automated Stock Trading Systems" and "The 30 Minute Stock Trader." In this episode, we dive into his history and perspective on trading and beating the markets. During our conversation, you'll learn about: • Laurens' intriguing introduction to the industry • The correct approach to backtesting • The distinctions between trend following, mean-reversion strategies, shorting, and investing in stocks versus ETFs • The 12 essential components of every investing or trading system. We hope you find the discussion informative and insightful. Remember to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay up-to-date on our latest episodes. And if you find this content valuable, please help spread the word by sharing our link on email, text, Facebook, and Instagram.