How to Invest in a Late Cycle Economy

November 21, 2019

Louis Llanes, founder of Wealthnet Investments, LLC and JP Tremblay, Chief Investment Officer, discuss how to invest when the economy appears to be late in the business cycle.  The conversation starts with a high-level view of the economy and how predicting a recession is difficult to do.  JP Tremblay points out that although most companies are beating earnings estimates, half of the companies reporting earnings in the United States are missing on revenue projections, suggesting underlying potential weakness in the economy. 

Louis discusses certain pockets of growth today and how some companies are moving into profitable territory and how the scarcity of growth has led investors to search and seek true growth opportunities. 

Both Louis and JP discuss recent market observations within sectors and how sector timing is not necessary to achieve good results.  They then discuss the key characteristics of companies that should do well in this environment and how mixing various asset classes can improve risk adjusted returns.

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