How to Be a Prepared Investor Now

March 22, 2020

In this video, Louis Llanes addresses common question from younger investors in their 20's, 30's and 40's that are worried about the economy.  Many people with a good career and earning a strong income are concerned about what to do now.  They have seen their 401K fall in value and have saved a nest egg but are wondering if they should sell to cash or reallocated. 

In this video Louis discusses a simple framework for allocating assets in this environment.  Learn about how investing in a targeted stock strategy instead of owning mutual funds that track the market is potentially better for your long term wealth.  Louis outlines how focusing on the stocks of companies with dynamic growth from new products, innovations, and game-changing business models can pave the way for much higher gains. Louis shares how to prioritize a cash reserve first and then taking advantage of current prices in the market without sticking your neck out too far.  If you are an investors building for retirement, you will find some simple advice that can potentially increase your net worth over the years.  A short synopsis of how the stock market tends to bottom is discussed and why scaling in when the market begins to stabilize the the leading stocks beginning to trend higher is the Louis's preferred method for adding to investments at times like this.