Conquering Market Flaws | Corey Hoffstein | Ep 77

May 18, 2023

On this episode of the Market Call Show, I delve into the fascinating world of market dynamics and investor behavior with my guest, Corey Hoffstein. We'll explore the impact of structural market shocks and how they have reshaped the financial landscape. From liquidity cascades and return-stacking to the influence of the FED, we uncover the forces driving market fundamentals. We also dive into the ongoing debate between active and passive investors and the rise of target date funds. Discover the intricate relationship between cash flow and capital markets, and the emergence of options as a savings vehicle. Learn about the risks and benefits of volatility targeting strategies and the role of quant methodologies in portfolio management. Corey gets personal and shares his journey in the finance industry and his insights into building an ideal portfolio. Don't miss this episode packed with valuable knowledge for navigating today's complex markets.