Brian Shannon on the Value of VWAP | EP 68

March 03, 2023

Welcome back to The Market Call Show! In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Shannon, CMT, founder of Alpha Trends and author of the best-selling book Maximum Trading Gains with Anchored VWAP. As fellow Coloradans, we bonded over our shared experiences in the financial industry and dove into the fascinating world of anchored VWAP's. Brian shared valuable insights into how this powerful tool can be used to trade stocks in both the short and long term. Tune in to hear us discuss the value of VWAP data and placing anchors, technical analysis, and aligning timeframes for maximum return. We also explore the pros and cons of using stocks vs. ETFs and strategies for mitigating risk in trading. If you're interested in maximizing your trading gains, this episode is not to be missed.