Turn Your Piece of Wealth Into Peace of MindSM

If you are the kind of person that wants to be free from worrying about your investments and financial planning, you know that to accomplish this, you need to grow and protect your money.

The problem is that many people struggle to keep up with

  • sorting through difficult financial rules
  • managing the ever-changing investment world, and
  • avoiding unnecessary taxes and fees

Making financial decisions can be costly and can make you feel uneasy.  It keeps you from making the most of your time, enjoying your lifestyle, and building wealth.

At Wealthnet, we believe that managing your investments should be much easier and fruitful for you.  We understand how it may be frustrating trying to get things done right with your financial plan.  It can be time-consuming, complicated, and overwhelming. 

That is why the founder of Wealthnet, Louis Llanes, has been committed to helping people turn their peace of wealth into peace of mind for over two decades.  Wealthnet can help you retire-ready, fund your children’s education, and leave a legacy for your family for many years to come.  We help you get results with our 5-part process we call “Integrated Investment Management”.   

 Here’s how it works:

  • The Vision Builder – First we have a one-on-one consultation to discuss your vision for the future. The result is a clear picture of your priorities, and timeframes to meet your goals.
  • The Insight Analysis – We then review your investment portfolio and your financial picture to uncover your strengths and discover any gaps that may need to be filled. This results in a solid foundation to design your custom plan.
  • The Design Advantage – Next, we design an investment portfolio and a financial planning strategy. We collaborate with you on the details for your timeline, risk profile, income needs, liquidity needs, taxes, and special circumstances. The end result is your tailored action plan.
  • The Wealth Navigator – Our team then transitions your current portfolio to your target investment strategy and provides ongoing investment management of your accounts with Wealthnet. The result is that your investments are reviewed and maintain by professionals dedicated to protecting and building your wealth.
  • The Progress Experience – You then get access to your advisor for semi-annual check-ins, and annual progress reviews. You can always reach out to our team for help.  You also have online access to your accounts and a secure portal for sharing documents. We strive to communicate with you, both personally and electronically, so you know where you stand and receive excellent service.

If you would like to turn your piece of wealth into peace of mind, schedule a free call with us.  

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Join Our Clients Who Have Already Improved Their Lives

Join Our Clients Who Have Already Improved Their Lives

“Wealthnet has given me security, it's actually changed my whole life. I don't worry about money anymore and I am so much more relaxed.”

Timothy H. Client Since 1997

“Wealthnet has given us peace of mind, which is huge.  We have been really happy with the growth, and just to have confidence that we have a retirement plan, and know that, we have things covered."

Dan & Angela M. Client Since 2012

“Before coming to Wealthnet, I was investing on my own.  I needed someone who could guide me with a tailored strategy that could benefit me for the long-term.  Then I met Louis, the founder of Wealthnet.  His firm provided a thorough process with a team of professionals.  They got to know my needs, where I’m going, and provide a strategy to reach my goals.”

Jim A. Client Since 2019

“Wealthnet helped me to trust in the investments and set up goals that would work with me and my lifestyle. Trust them and use them! Wealthnet is the absolute best in the business!”

Brittany C. Client Since 2019

Schedule a Call

Step 1. Schedule a Call.  Tell us about your aspirations and goals by scheduling a call online.

Create a Plan

Step 2.  Create a Plan.  Collaborate with your advisor and let us make a tailored financial plan and/or investment strategy for you.

Get Results

Step 3.  Get Results.  We then implement your plan, monitor your progress to keep on track, have one-on-one reviews, and adjust as needed.

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